Load Shedding has cost billions of losses for the business sector and the South African homeowners are well aware of the inconvenience it has caused over the last 10 years.

Decreases in pricing on Solar panels and the advancement in technology on batteries means that renewable energy options such as Off Grid and Grid tied has now become an affordable option for consumers and businesses.

The maintenance cost on Solar renewable energy is very low as long as the components used are of high quality.

Finance options are now available to make it more affordable for consumers.

The recent demand and lack of expertise in the solar powered industry has initiated our growth and branching off in this direction. We have been doing solar plants throughout Southern Africa for household and business use including Lodges in Botswana. We pride ourselves on considering what exactly the client requires and then building the best and most cost affective solutions for their needs. We are tied closely with the south Africas best quality suppliers and most reasonable prices.

Our focus is to encourage independant solar power to allow homes and businesses to be self reliant and have that eco friendly feather in your cap once complete! All our installations are licensed and COC’s issued upon completion.



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671101 - 12/93806

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KM Sales and Services
Code: 128842 (East Rand)

+27 83 282 0046
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